Bitcoin mining The complete guide

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is bitcoin mining profitable

SHA-256 hashing is a potent procedure, and not all computers are capable of handling this process. Therefore, mining for bitcoins calls for highly efficient hardware to perform Bitcoin Mining billions of computations using as little electrical power as possible. This means that in theory, mining 1 BTC will only take 10 minutes (as a reward of 6.25 BTC).

  • Geographic distribution of the share of hash rate on the Bitcoin network, 2019–2020.
  • The hash rate is the number of hashes per second produced by miners in the network.
  • You might get a good price on the machines, but then pay a lot of money to have them shipped to you.
  • Transactions are written into blocks that are interlocked into a chain by hashes.
  • Mining solo with simply a hardware is also possible, however may not be financially viable, during which case, connection a pool is your best option.
  • This shows that the crypto assets might compete with each other in terms of revenue, but their individual growth continues to follow a similar pattern.

While Bitcoin mining profitability has declined, total mining activity remains near all-time highs. The hashrate of the network is currently around 202.3 million TH per second, up from 72.9 million TH per second a year ago and 6.5 million TH per second at the beginning of August 2017.


Right now, we’re facing the record-drop of the price of this popular cryptocurrency – over 80% down over past 12 months. Imagine the potential value of your recently mined coins in a few years’ time. This is the exciting opportunity that Crypto mining can offer you. People often disregard the Cryptocurrency sector due to the volatility that the prices are subjected to.

As the difficulty increases, miners’ profit margins get squeezed because they are less likely to successfully mine a block and reap the rewards. Miners were already feeling the squeeze this year as the price of bitcoin fell more than 50% this year, power prices increased and raising capital has become very expensive.


Bitcoin mining requires extensive computing power, and organizing into groups of miners is a way to mine crypto more successfully. Pool mining is another option, and for many people is a more feasible option to mine crypto. With pool mining, you are sharing computational power with other users to share the load using crypto mining software. This means that for larger coins such as bitcoin, you are more likely to earn with pool mining than you would with solo mining. At the company level, there are various profitability metrics such as the overall company gross margin, the self-mining business gross margin, and the adjusted EBITDA margin. Below we show the overall gross margin and the mining gross margin. Note that we use company-given margins where disclosed so the metrics may not be perfectly comparable.

is bitcoin mining profitable

A bitcoin is a type of digital, decentralized cryptocurrency launched back in 2009. To date, there are hundreds of major retailers, establishments, and services, including airlines, that accept bitcoin payments. Know everything there is to know about bitcoin mining and more here.

How long does it take to mine 1 Bitcoin at home?

In Equation N is roughly equal to 6 and the current average volume of transaction is about Vt ~ 1 billion USD a day but it was only a few thousands dollars a day in 2010. We must note that this formula is an upper bound for the cost of the proof of work. It greatly underestimates the costs of an attack and largely overestimates the attacker’s gains. It indeed considers a system that has no other protections or security system than the proof of work. Further, it does not consider that after a successful attack, the Bitcoin value is likely to plunge making it therefore unlikely for the attacker to spend her gain at current market value. Finally, we should take into account that the attacker must have control over more than 50% of the hashing power.

Over the entire period, the mean value of Ct/Vt is 0.15% with the first decile being 0.02% and tenth decile being 0.4%. Using regional electricity prices to calculate the mining costs shows a similar pattern over time, though on a slightly higher level after 2014 with the mean ratio being 0.21%. Note that this band of oscillation is within one order of magnitude whereas the underlying quantities Ct and Vt vary of six orders of magnitude during the same period. If we limit our analysis to the last period after the end of 2017, we obtain a mean ratio of 0.3% and D1, D10 deciles with values equal to 0.1 and 0.4%. In this paper, we test if this is indeed the case for the Bitcoin proof of work.

“The problem is securing energy”

The metric maintained an upward trajectory, hitting $0.464 on 23rd August. Another downturn brought it to the $0.274 level on 28th September 2021.

This is because there are more options available for people who want to buy or sell goods and services online, making mining less profitable than it was before. However, as more people begin to use bitcoin as an alternative currency or store of value rather than just as a form of payment or investment vehicle, this will likely change again in the future . As previously discussed, to stand a chance of a return, every miner needs to mine Bitcoin through a Bitcoin mining pool. The operator of each pool will charge a percentage for use of the network. These pool fees typically range from 0.1–2.5% and are removed from the mined Bitcoin. Once a Bitcoin mining rig is in place, it then has to be powered. Ideally, the cost of electricity is low but if a Bitcoin mining rig is running every single day, costs can soon start to pile up.

What Was Bitcoin Mining Like in the Beginning?

There are over 25 public bitcoin mining companies, with several more on the way and up significantly from a few years ago. This flurry of new listings has occurred as investor appetite for bitcoin exposure has increased and as mining companies seek access to capital via the public markets.

What is the easiest crypto to mine?

Answer: Monero is the easiest cryptocurrency to mine now because it can be mined via browser extensions and free software over websites. It is even mined via crypto jacking. The mining code can also easily be incorporated into apps and websites to facilitate mining.

This process is important because it stops people double spending – a process by which someone spends the same bitcoin twice. Transactions made in real money are verified by banks and other regulatory bodies, but there are no such bodies for cryptocurrency. And many more opportunities to improve and grow your business, sales and profits. Whether you’re already invested in Crypto, or you’re completely new to the sector, we give all of our clients the same industry leading knowledge.

When we bring up crypto mining, maybe the primary factor that involves in mind is Bitcoin. It employs one amongst the foremost, difficult mining processes better-known to the industry.

Figure 3 shows the variations of the energy price per gigajoule in the period 2010–2020 computed from the Brent Crude spot prices. One can notice that the cost of one gigajoule of energy has two distinct levels—around 20 USD from 2011 to mid 2014 and around 10 USD from late 2014 to early 2020. Oil prices has since collapsed under the coronavirus pandemic, dropping to below 3 USD per gigajoule of energy.

Currently, Foundry USA and F2pool are the two largest Bitcoin mining pools. On paper, Bitcoin mining will last until 2140, when the last bitcoin has been mined. However, due to more halvings, inflation and increasing energy costs, the profitability of mining crypto could decline long before then. However, new cryptocurrencies are being created all the time, and the hierarchy of cryptocurrencies is constantly in motion, so the demand for cryptocurrency mining may change in future.

is bitcoin mining profitable
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