10 Best Free And Paid Video Editing Apps For Iphone And Android In 2019

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We used Moovly to create video templates for a client offering several variations of their services. We changed the audio and updated a few relevant images and walla! Remember, always start by downloading the best editing app that works for you. In this case, we used the VN Video Editor, but the steps listed throughout this article apply across the board for most apps. While it’s not entirely essential to add in titles or text throughout the video, it’s definitely a nice touch and a feature that makes your content look more professional.

Creating a video editing app

Blender’s video editor enables you to accomplish basic actions such as video splicing and video cuts, but it can also be used for more sophisticated functions such as video masking. Video speed control is an essential element of video editing. With VideoProc Vlogger, users gains absolute control, allowing them to set video speed variably or constantly. When you want to highlight visual segments in your video, this features lets you handily create speed ramping and come out a like pro video producer.

The platform comes with a library of stock video footage and music that can help users create professional-looking videos for promoting products and services. Users can also choose from a variety of animations and layouts to make their videos more engaging and effective. Using the Wave.video platform, marketing teams can easily upload videos to social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Best Video Editing Apps For Iphone In 2022

This free video editing software for PC provides support for artificial intelligence that analyzes your video clips. This free video editing software for PC provides color correction and grading features. It is one of the best video editing software for Windows that helps you to trim, make changes in audio, and more.

Pinnacles Studio is a video editing tool that has enhanced color grading features to improve video quality. Premiere-Elements is software that enables you to create, edit, manage and share video clips with ease. This application offers slideshows, collages, and effects that can be automatically applied to video. It enables you to fix lens directions and correct colors in minimal time. This tool helps you to customize the interface for any production role.

Now, physical boundaries mean much less than they used to mean. We can connect with thought leaders and game-changers in our industry—wherever we are. From there, we can include those deep conversations in stand-alone videos, as part of other types of videos, or both. Apologies as there is no longer an Android version of this app.


There are a number of great free video editing apps on the market. The app that’s best for you will depend on your budget, the types of video edits you need to make, and your level of editing expertise. Check the section in the above article for our picks for the best editing apps you can use free of charge. Have a clear idea of how much you can spend on video editing software. Some programs require a monthly subscription and with others, you only have to pay a one-time fee.

  • No matter the type of device, there’s a video app available to take your content to the next level.
  • We look at what you actually get for free, versus what you have to pay for.
  • In our hands-on review, we noted the video app “sports a nice, clean interface with very simple editing features. A snappy clipper that’s perfect for making short videos for social media.”
  • The best podcast editing software helps you turn raw audio into a polished podcast.
  • If you’re using the VN editing app, you’ll notice that there’s a little black clip at the end of the video.

In the last few years, though, the resources in a smartphone have caught up, and now there are a slew of video editing tools you can use to edit video on your phone. Here are seven of the best free video editing apps you can get for your iPhone or Android. The watchword with free apps is often which one offers the best combination of technically complex software for which you would otherwise have to shell out the big bucks. All video editors should, at the very least, have some combination of familiar features like a viewer or playback window, library, timeline, and access to transitions and effects. VSDC is not bad for basic edits, but its interface has a learning curve, and it lacks a few popular features. The latest version, VSDC 7.1, upgrades the GUI and LUT editors and adds new effects and custom shortcuts, among other things.

It allows you to export video in formats like AVI (Audio-Video Interleaved), MXF Material Exchange Format), and more. Even if you’re a pro video editor, their is no need to be spending hours trying to get the format correct. Another plus is that you can add music to your videos directly from your iTunes library, and easily control the volume levels of the original video sound and music from inside the app.

Apple regularly updates the platform, providing users with more options and features. In August 2020, the tech giant added three new filters and 25 soundtracks to iMovie. Getting a professional-level video app when you have never edited can cause you a lot of trouble. If you’re just starting, look for apps that cater to your level, so you don’t waste time on an app you aren’t ready for. The easy-to-use interface guides you as you create beautiful videos that can contain your own graphics, video clips, icons, images or text.

Plus, it makes for more efficient content creation ‘on-the-go.’ Mobile apps enable users to film, edit, and share short videos all from a single device that works virtually anywhere. How to Make a Video App Solutions such as Adobe Rush, LumaFusion, iMovie, and Splice do exactly this. We’ve categorized everything for you so you can easily find the best video editing app for your device.

VSCO has just launched a video editing tool for iOS members that pay for premium membership. The typical filters can be used to style the videos and you can edit basic components like the exposure, saturation, and structure of the video . The app looks really clean with no ads or annoying popups to hamper your experience. What I love most about LumaFusion is that it not only allows users to edit videos in landscape mode but also portrait mode. Not only that, you can easily switch between the two modes without any hiccup. This comes helpful as the app supports a variety of video aspect ratios including landscape, portrait, square, film, and more.

Which Video Editor Software Do Most Youtubers Use?

You can use one of the best video editing apps available to edit your content to improve the quality. No matter the type of device, there’s a video app available to take your content to the next level. Even within a relatively tight niche like mobile video editors there are still specializations. For example, Quik is optimized for people who just want to create fun videos fast. Kinemaster, on the other hand, targets users who need more in-depth editing capabilities.

Creating a video editing app

This means the mobile video editor isn’t a money-making product but a marketing freebie, something to attract users to its paid counterpart. FilmoraGo, for example, costs nothing on mobile but has a desktop version that the company sells. One of the most downloaded and reviewed video editing apps for Android. It’s a good app for beginners and people getting into video editing.

Faqs About Video Editing Apps

The solution doesn’t provide some controls of high-end editors. Still, its color grading tools, movie looks, classy themes, multiple audio tools, media organization tools, and outstanding chroma-keying tool make up for the missing functions. Also, the incentive to start editing on your iPad or iPhone, and finish the work on your Mac is invigorating. The tools that it comes with can help you improve your video quality by leaps and bounds and can even take away the shakiness you often get with handheld clips.

Creating a video editing app

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Adobe Express Video Editor

After all, free or not, the best tools have to fit your unique flow, unlocking your creative process. The future of video editing apps is a tremendously exciting one. Whether you are an indie creator or make content for a larger company, we are about to live in a world where editing your videos is completely seamless and simple. Through these innovations, you’ll be able to more quickly create sleek and stunning videos. CyberLink PowerDirector 365PowerDirector 365 provides the perfect video editing experience for anyone who has edited video before but isn’t a professional.

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Next up you want to add in any titles or text to your video. First, click on the ‘+’ that’s overlaid on the ‘T’ in the menu, and from there you’ll see some preset text formats to choose from. Just be sure not to zoom in too much since this can affect the resolution quality and be distracting to viewers.

Some features (especially the low-level ones) can’t be accessed through the cross-platform framework. But all the three have a way to work with native code in some capacity (e.g. through integrating native or accessing APIs). Through websites like Upwork, you can probably find enough qualified people to handle the development of your video filter editor. The fewer people know about the details of your video editor, the lower are the chances that critical information gets leaked. Age, gender, income level, and other characteristics of the potential users. After all, an app for school students and the one for businessmen would look and read differently.


And while there are a slew of apps that make this edit possible, one of our favorites has got to be Kinemaster. Splice offers a variety of transition options from crossfade, swipe across, fade to black, and blur, to seamlessly hide your cut to the next clip. Hype Type is another animated text editor that allows you to attach animated captions on your videos and photos https://globalcloudteam.com/ in your Instagram stories. Videoshop is an app that easily allows you to personalize and share videos with your friends. It allows you to edit while you’re shooting live and send your video to YouTube, Facebook Live and other platforms directly. Quik analyzes your videos to select great moments, adds transitions, music, and syncs everything to the beat of the music.

It works by selecting clips for your video and then choosing a video style from one of the templates. Choosing from a video theme makes it very easy to generate a video although your creative freedom is very limited as you cannot deviate from the selected theme. The apps we’re going to be discussing vary greatly in their capabilities and cost.

Spend some time adding in all your B-roll clips and adjusting them to fit well within the original content. Even though B-roll isn’t considered primary, it’s still really important, so take your time editing it to fit well within the original footage. Nobody’s perfect, so chances are there a few bad or unnecessary takes in the footage you shot.

For video creators who want more editing functions, WeVideo offers all of the basic editing and then some. Trim clips, apply filters and add music, text, transitions and video effects. The app also offers premium plans with advanced features, such as a library with commercially licensed music and up to 4K resolution. If you want a simple video editor for creating Instagram Stories, InShot is an all-in-one tool.

Just choose the videos, add a title, choose some music, and Quik uses AI to find the most compelling video bits for you. There are some other editing options at your disposal, but the appeal here is Quik’s ability to whip up fun videos with little effort. Other great features include the ability to create your own lightsaber battles, 360-degree video editing and lens distortion correction from action cameras.

Music is available to add from within the app, but you also have the option of uploading your own. This is another app that is free to use with some premium features available if you want to do more. I’ve compiled a list of 15 video editing apps for ROAM readers to check out. I’ve tried them all and include a bit of info with each one that’ll hopefully let you know which app is right for your situation. So how do you create videos without spending THOUSANDS of dollars on a professional design or editor? We have compiled a list of 13 apps for you create and edit for free.